Spokesman accuses UN mission of siding with Houthis in Hodeida

Spokesman accuses UN mission of siding with Houthis in Hodeida

Alsahwa Net- Wadah Al-Dubaish, spokesman of the government’s joint forces in Hodeida accused chief of the United Nations redeployment Coordination Committee (RCC), Abhijit Guha of siding with the Houthis militants.

Guha released a statement last Saturday that spoke about setting up new fortifications in Hodeida city by parties to the conflict.

“The UN statement that talked about new forts is baseless,” said Al-Dubaish.

Guha said in his statement that parties to the conflict mobilized their forces and set up new trenches in the city of Hodeida.

Al-Dubaish said that Guha has sided with the Houthis militants because he did not name the Houthis and brought no evidence for alleged new forts by the government’s forces.

He challenged Guha to prove any new trenches set up by the government’s forces.

Al-Dubaish indicated the UN mission chief in Hodeida took no action against the new military movements by the Houthis.

He said that the Houthis set up 19 new military sites that included tunnels, trenches and barricades.

He demanded that the UN mission must do a field visit to check and document new violations to the ceasefire agreement, otherwise the government’s forces will have a new position. 

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