Official: Houthis’ manage their military operations from Hodeida

Official: Houthis’ manage their military operations from Hodeida

Alsahwa Net- The governor of Hodeida, Al-Hasan Taher said that the Houthis have moved their operations’ center from Sa’ada to Hodeida.

He explained that Iranian experts assist the Houthis in Hodeida to implement their terror operations that target commercial vessels in the territorial waters.

He added that that Iranian experts advised the relocation of the operations’ center from Sa’ada to Hodeida to use the coastal areas of smuggling weapons and drugs as well as for threatening the maritime navigation in the Red Sea.

Taher indicated that coastal areas of Hodeida including Al-Dhahi, Al-Luhaya and Al-Zaydya are being used for the trafficking operations.

He added that even fishing unloading centers have been changed for unloading the smuggled weapons.

He explained that medium-size boats that raise a flag of an African country were used for the transportation of fertilizers cargo that included 46 percent of urea which is used for manufacturing landmines and explosive devices.

He added that Iranian vessels stop in international waters of the Red Sea for unloading its cargo to small boats that are sailed by the Houthis militants.

This Iranian cargo is believed to contain raw materials that the Houthis use for manufacturing ballistic missiles and landmines preparation, according to Taher.

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