Houthis rebels detain intelligence officers

Houthis rebels detain intelligence officers

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis’ leader, Abdulmalik Al-Houthi instructed arrest of a number of the Political Security officers, state intelligence workers following breakout of the ongoing popular protests in Lebanon and Iraq, sources in Sana’a said.

The Houthis rebels who took over the capital Sana’a in late September 2014, fear similar Lebanese and Iraqi protests may erupt in Yemen against their rule.

Around 26 security officers were arrested in the past two days in Sana’a. Chief of the Military Moral Department, brigadier general, Ali Al-Shahethi is among the recently detained intelligence officers, the sources said.

The detained officers were placed in a private prison of the Political Security Bureau and were accused of treason, according to sources quoted by the Saudi state-run Okaz Daily Newspaper.

Some members of the Central Security Forces were also detained along the intelligence workers and were charged of the same accusation.

The same sources indicated that other hundreds of the intelligence service workers and the security members are in captivity for their rejection to attend Houthis-organized religious training courses as well as their objection to the militants’ management of the state institutions.

The sources said that the detainees are vulnerable to psychological and physical torture.

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