Houthis commit 25,000 abuses against civilians in Sana’a

Houthis commit 25,000 abuses against civilians in Sana’a

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis rebels committed over 25,000 abuses against the civilians in the capital Sana’a since the beginning of 2017 until October 2019, a new human rights report said.

The report which was prepared by the Human Rights Ministry Office in Sana’a of the legitimate government was disclosed on Saturday in Marib governorate.

Director of the Human Rights Office in Sana’a, Fahmi Al-Zubairi, presented findings of the report that documented various forms of human rights abuses committed by the Houthis rebels against residents of the capital Sana’a.

Documented abuses included murder, injuries, torture, public and private property looting, child military recruitment, child abuses and women abuses.

He indicated that total abuses reached 25,714 violations. Large number of the abuses took place this year with around 45 percent increase of the previous year.

The serious abuses included shooting to death and torturing to death that recorded 274 cases.

Injury due to torture reached 105 cases; among them nine cases that suffer complete paralysis and five cases that sustain paraplegia, according to Al-Zubairi.

Brutal torture caused seven men to sustain memory loss, according to the report.

Mayor of the capital Sana’a, Abdulghani Jameel who attended the report presentation said that that the Houthis’ abuses against the civilians increase day by day and year and by year amidst weird silence by the UN human rights organizations.

He called on the human rights organizations to exercise pressures on the Houthis to stop abuses against the citizens.

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