Houthis plan to fail UN-peace efforts in Hodeida

Houthis plan to fail UN-peace efforts in Hodeida

Alsahwa Net- Pro-government military sources said on Sunday that the Houthis have started a plot to fail the United Nations (UN)-peace efforts in Hodeida, the Saudi state-run Okaz Daily Newspaper reported.

The sources indicated that the Houthis militants have sent huge military reinforcements from Sana’a to Hodeida.

The Houthis leadership has tasked six of their military leaders to lead the anticipated new battle of Hodeida.

The six Houthis leaders who were tasked to the lead the fighting in Hodeida include Mohammed Ahmed Taleb, Nasser Ghawthan, Ahmed Jaber Al-Matari, Abu Ali Al-Kuhlani, Abu Huda Al-Fadei’ and Taher Abu Taleb, according to the military sources.

The sources said that the Houthis militants have already began escalating by continuous infiltrating attempts in several fronts and firing missiles at the government forces’ sites in Mocha district.

The Houthis militants carried out a chain of attacks against the government’s army sites in Hodeida city amidst UN condemnation of the new aggressive attacks.

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