NGO: Al-Riyadh agreement neglected release of illegal detainees

NGO: Al-Riyadh agreement neglected release of illegal detainees

Alsahwa Net- The Abductees’ Mothers Association said on Thursday that the Al-Riyadh agreement that was signed on Tuesday between the government and the southern separation rebels, ignored release of the illegal detainees.

The association said in a statement that it regrets fully negligence of the detainees and forcibly disappeared people by the Al-Riyadh agreement.

The statement indicated that the organization feels disappointed towards the absence of the detainees’ issue in the Al-Riyadh agreement.

Thousands of civilian detainees have been in private detention centers in Aden and other southern governorates run by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) affiliated southern rebels since nearly four years ago.

These private detention centers are out of the government’s control and rebels who operate them decline the prosecution orders to release the inmates.

The detainees in Aden went on hunger strike twice this month in a protest for their illegal confinement, according to the Abductees’ Mothers Association.

It indicated that detainees are deprived of medical care and banned of visitation by their family members.

“The detainees’ issue was not supposed to be ignored by parties of the agreement,” the statement read. 

It explained that it sent last week a letter to the President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi urging him to include the freedom of illegal detainees and forcibly disappeared people on top of agendas in any political talks.

It also demanded the president Hadi to shut down all illegal secret prisons to build the security and public peace and strengthen the state of rule.  

It demanded the government, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Justice and the Attorney General to disclose fate of the forcible disappeared people and set all the detainees free.

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