Saudi Ambassador: Dialogue can resolve Yemen’s crisis

Saudi Ambassador:  Dialogue can resolve Yemen’s crisis

Alsahwa Net- The Saudi Ambassador to Yemen, Mohamed Al Jaber, said on Wednesday that the Al-Riyadh agreement proved that Yemen’s crisis can be resolved through dialogue.

Al Jaber voiced these statements in an interview with the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat Daily Newspaper.

He said that the agreement would form a starting point for a new phase in Yemen characterized by security, stability and development.

Al Jaber revealed that the Saudi diplomatic mission plans to resume its full work from Aden to provide support to the Yemeni government.

He explained that the Saudi consulate has been in Aden since two years ago for visa issuance.

He added that the Saudi Program for Yemen Development and Reconstruction has been active in seven government-held governorates.

So far, the Saudi Program-run projects in Yemen cover infrastructure, basic public services, capacity building and job opportunity creation.

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