Yemen Government prepares to return to Aden

Yemen Government prepares to return to Aden

Alsahwa Net- Yemen’s Prime Minister, Maeen Abdulmalik, said on Wednesday that his government is currently preparing to return to return Aden following reaching an agreement with southern rebels.

The government and the southern separation rebels known as the Southern Transitional Council (STC) signed on Tuesday an agreement sponsored by Saudi Arabia to end rebellion in Aden and reorganize armed groups under the government’s command.

“The government’s return to Aden is the first task that follows signing of the [Al-Riyadh] agreement,” said Abdulmalik in a press interview with the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat Daily Newspaper.

He indicated that the government’s return to Aden has to be associated with a recovery plan to restore public services, alleviate the peoples’ suffering and retrieve the state departments’ work.

He explained that the government has set up a priority-list and an urgent package of procedures to normalize the situation in Aden and reestablish the state presence.

He added that the Al-Riyadh agreement represents a significant achievement to unify the internal front of the legitimate government in a way that maintains integrity of the country and focus efforts to combat the Houthis rebels.

The government members had to leave Aden on 10 August 2019 following seizure of the city and other key southern governorates by the STC militants.

“We are optimistic that this agreement [Al-Riyadh agreement] turns a new page for a new phase that accommodates everyone and unify [all parties] towards the state retrieval and service of the people,” said Abdulmalik.

He affirmed that efforts exerted by Saudi Arabia reflects a truthful intention for establishing a sustainable solution.  

He said that reaching a comprehensive solution to end the Yemeni crisis is not impossible but requires parties to believe in the necessity for the state of rule and equal citizenship.

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