Presidential advisor: Al-Riyadh agreement is a milestone to state retrieval

Presidential advisor: Al-Riyadh agreement is a milestone to state retrieval

Alsahwa Net- The President’s Advisor and former foreign minister, Abdulmalik Al-Mekhlafi, said on Tuesday that the Al-Riyadh agreement will mark a milestone for the government of Yemen and the Saudi-led coalition to reinstate the government.

Al-Mekhlafi indicated that the agreement is not just a solution for the Aden rebellion that took place last August by the Southern Transitional Council (STC) against the government, as quoted by the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat Daily Newspaper.

The agreement includes comprehensive reforms of the government’s work by unifying all efforts towards ending the Houthis’ coup, according to Al-Mekhlafi.

He said that it is highly anticipated that the agreement will bring about a remarkable positive change of relations among the pro-Saudi-led coalition forces including the STC.

The agreement is also intended to improve public service and economic standards in the government-held areas and restore the normal status of Aden as a temporary base for the government offices to work together against the Houthis’ rebellion.

Representatives of the government and the STC have been in talks in Al-Riyadh since the latter took control of Aden on 10 August 2019. Saudi Arabia drafted an agreement that is intended to end the new rebellion in Aden and unify all local forces against the Iran-backed Houthis. 

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) which supports the STS separatists left last week its bases in Aden and handed them over to the Saudi forces.

Al-Mekhlafi said that the existence of the Saudi forces on the ground will guarantee implementation of the agreement particularly reorganizing all armed forces under the command of the Yemen’s defense and interior ministry. 

He said that the agreement might be challenged by low levels of commitment to implementation by the parties involved in the agreement.

He explained that parties to the agreement should have a solid belief that the agreement is the right choice and that all armed groups must abide by the law. He said that some armed groups who profited from the situation in Aden might impede the agreement application.

“The agreement does not represent a victory or a defeat to anyone. It is only a victory for Yemen to restore its state, security and stability,” said Al-Mekhlafi. 

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