Local authority in Taiz approves arrest of wanted men

Local authority in Taiz approves arrest of wanted men

Al-sahwa Net- The local authority of Taiz endorsed on Monday pursuing of security wanted men and corruption suspects and bringing them to prosecution. 

This decision was taken during a special meeting in Taiz city between the local authority, the judiciary authority and the military and security leaders.

The meeting endorsed preparation of a list of security and judiciary wanted men to be drafted by the Public Prosecution and the Police Administration of Taiz.

The list will be made pubic on the media to consolidate legal actions against saboteurs and criminals involved in public and private attacks. 

The meeting has also endorsed the end of land plundering by suspension of construction licenses unless the land is documented by the land registry. The Police Administration in Taiz is authorized to issue construction licenses until the war ends.

The meeting approved that people involved in unlicensed construction and directors of public executive offices have to be transferred to the public prosecution.  

The chief of Taiz Police, Mansour Al-Akhali, said that the security apparatuses have a list of security wanted men on various charges including murder and public and private property plundering.

He added that a number of the security wanted men have been arrested and security campaigns are being deployed to pursue the rest in coordination with the public prosecution.

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