Houthis set up new trenches in Hodeida

Houthis set up new trenches in Hodeida

Al-Sahwa Net- The Houthis militants have set up in the past few days 19 new trenches nearby the United Nations (UN)-supervised truce-watching checkpoints in Hodeida city.

These UN-supervised checkpoints that oversee the ceasefire in Hodeida were established ten days ago by the UN Mission to Support Hodeida Agreement (UNMHA).

The pro-government forces in Hodeida said in a statement that the Houthis militants have continued field escalation in Hodeida.

It said that the Houthis militants set up new military posts and dug 19 new trenches in the city of Hodeida.

The statement said that these acts represent serious violation to the agreements on the Houthis rebels’ withdrawal from Hodeida city and ports in line to the Stockholm agreement.

It quoted a military source that the government army reports every day to the UN mission on the Houthis’ new escalation and violations to the ceasefire.

It cautioned against continuation of the Houthis’ escalation saying such acts will end the Hodeida ceasefire agreement and will lead to a new military escalation.

It affirmed that the government forces watch carefully all movements by the Houthis militants and that they are ready to engage in any escalation to combat the Houthis.

The government military media circulated photos showing new trenches in Hodeida that were dug nearby the fighting frontlines beside the ceasefire-watching checkpoints.

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