Yemen seeks USA protection to its smuggled antiques

Yemen seeks USA protection to its smuggled antiques

Al-Sahwa Net- The government of Yemen seeks positive response from the American government to its request on protection and retrieval of valuable antiques, the American-based Fox News Channel reported.

 The antiques were smuggled out of Yemen in recent years following political and security upheavals that have been shaking the country since late 2014.

Majority of the trafficked items belong to the Jewish community who used to live in Yemen for centuries. Large number of the Yemeni Jews migrated later to the United States of America and Israel following political unrest in various times of Yemen’s modern history.

Within its efforts to preserve the country’s ancient antiques, the government of Yemen proposed a memorandum of understanding to be signed by the US Foreign Secretary.

The memorandum states out that the smuggled antiques or those that are still in the country belong to the Yemeni state and criminalizes anyone attempts to take them out of Yemen. 

An ancient copy of the old testament that dates back at least three centuries ago is among the smuggled antiques that the Yemeni legitimate government attempts to retrieve. The copy of the Jewish holy book was smuggled out of Yemen by a Jewish family who used to possess the book at their home in Yemen.

The Fox News reported that various Jewish groups have called on the American government not to respond to the Yemeni government request. The US Foreign Secretary is expected to decide on the Yemeni request by the end of this month.

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