Houthi sniper kills young girl in off-media-radar Taiz

Houthi sniper kills young girl in off-media-radar Taiz


A Houthi sniper on today (Tuesday) gunned down a young girl in Yemen's central province of Taiz, largely off the radar of the media covering Yemen.

local sources said the sniper of the Shia extremist militia of Houthis in Jabal Habashi district shot dead Loaloa Majed Mahyob (pictured), an under-eight girl, who was playing around her house this afternoon.

The rebel militia besieging the provincial capital of Taiz for five years have been killing and injuring civilians continuously since the beginning of the siege. Hundreds of children have been killed and injured by sniper shooting alone.

Western media covering the Yemeni conflict turn a blind eye to Houthi years long siege and atrocities against civilians in the pro-government city.

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