Yemen refuses new round of negotiations with Houthis

Yemen refuses new round of negotiations with Houthis

Alsahwa Net- Yemen has refused the engagement in a new round of negotiations with the Houthis before the implementation of the Stockholm agreement.

Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Hadhrami affirmed, during a meeting with the Swedish special envoy to Yemen Peter Semneby on Tuesday , that the Houthis do not commit to their pledges.

He further explained that the engagement of new negotiations would encourage the Houthis to negate any future agreements.

On the other hand, Hodeida Governor al-Hasan Tahir has revealed that 300 civilians have been killed in the port city of Hodeida since the signing of the Stockholm agreement in December 2018.

Tahir told the Emirati Albayan newspaper that the Iran-backed Houthis committed more than 11,000 violations during the same period, pointing out that thousands of civilians were injured and displaced from their homes.

The Houthis use of artillery random shelling often cause human loss among civilians in Hodeida and inflict damages on private and public properties.

Yet, the UN-sponsored agreement which is also known as Stockholm agreement has not been implemented yet amid procrastination by the Houthis and daily military attacks against the government’s forces posts.

The government’s forces attempted to capture Hodeida from the Houthis rebels in mid-2018. However, the UN managed to get both parties to the conflict to sign a peace agreement on Hodeida in December 2018 in Sweden.

However, the Yemeni government often accuse the UN of turning a blind eye to the Houthis’ violations to its own brokered- truce.


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