UAE militants block govt-held Taiz from passports, issue them to Houthis in absentia

UAE militants block govt-held Taiz from passports, issue them to Houthis in absentia Source of the story: Sahafah website


The UAE-backed militants controlling Yemen's temporary capital Aden are denying the government-held Taiz from blank passport books to while issuing and shipping readymade passports for absent Houthis in the rebels-held Sana'a, various sources reported the two acts separately.

Mokhtar al-Noobi a commander in the UAE-run Security Belt militia announced on Sunday his militants had just "seized 10,000 passport  books bound for Taiz" and boasted the image..

The blank passports were meant for the Passports and Immigration Department of Taiz. Their capture triggered tensions with the Giants Brigades, a military unit, deployed near Taiz and guards the borders of the south against Houthis.

Meanwhile the militias controlling Aden continue to process passports applications, issue, and send passports to people in Sana'a without the attendance of the persons involved.  Several times including in September 2019, the militias processed and issued passports to Houthi leaders by correspondence and delivered them to their homes in Sana'a, contrary even to the ostensible animosity between the two rebel factions in the north and south of the country.

Taiz local authorities say these Aden-based militias have since the beginning of the war been supplying the internationally condemned Houthis rebels with arms while denying the government forces any arms.

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