Widespread clashes erupt in Houthi-held Ibb in central Yemen

Widespread clashes erupt in Houthi-held Ibb in central Yemen

Alsahwa Net-Heavy gunfire exchange erupted and spread across Ibb between the Houthi rulers of the central Yemen city and tribesmen defending their lands.

Members of Al-Dhibyani, al-Mowaled, al-Haboob and other tribes reported repelled a heavily armed Houthi military campaign to seize their large swaths of lands southwest of the city dubbed as the "Green Province" and known for its amazing nature. The militia reportedly wants to set up cemeteries for its "fighters" who fall in the conflict with the government and assign the rest of the land for its warlords.

The clashes started on Sunday afternoon and continued until the moment of writing this report in the evening but no news yet have come of any fallen casualties. The streets were clear and shops closed as panic spread the clashes could turn to a conflict between the extended tribes and the terrorist militia.

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