Government: Southern rebels and Houthis work together for separation

Government: Southern rebels and Houthis work together for separation

Alsahwa Net- Muammar Al-Eryani, Yemen’s Minister of Information said on Sunday that both the Houthis rebels in the north and the separation rebels in the south work closely together for partition of the country.

Al-Eryani explained that the southern rebels known as the Southern Transitional Council (STC) have launched recently a new anti-government distortion campaign that coincides with similar moves by the Houthis leaders in an attempt to weaken the legitimate government.

“This raises questions on the nature of coordination between the two parties towards toppling the state for separation to benefit their own agendas,” said Al-Eryani.

Al-Eryani said this in a statement published by the state-run Saba News Agency.

He added that maintaining the Yemeni state, Yemen’s unity and integrity of its territory are the prime priorities to the President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi.

He explained that Hadi never compromised even when his life was in danger in the capital Sana’a when he was under house arrest.

“The president will not compromise [Yemen’s unity] today regardless of distortion campaigns’ intensity,” Al-Eryani said.

He called on the people of Yemen to support efforts by President Hadi towards state retrieval in line to the agreed outcomes of the national dialogue conference that proposed Yemen to be a federal state of six regions.

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