Rainwater proliferates dengue fever in Aden

Rainwater proliferates dengue fever in Aden

Alsahwa Net- The stagnant pools of rainwater has increased dengue fever proliferation among the populations of Aden, local sources and health officials said.

The lack of rainwater drainage system has led the stagnant fresh water to mix with the open sewage wastewater on streets and propagated several endemic diseases particularly the dengue fever.

So far, the dengue fever claimed one life and other five suspected cases were reported being infected with the same epidemic, local health official said.

One week ago, Yasser Abdullah Al-Shanqiti, a student of the Aden University died following his health deterioration. Al-Shanqiti initially suffered dehydration that developed into a kidney failure and he eventually passed away, a local medical source said.

Other five university students who reside in the same hostel in Khor Maksr district, were also confirmed infected with the same epidemic.

Other 28 suspected dengue fever cases were recorded in Salah Al-Din area of Al-Bareiqa district.

The uncollected solid waste on streets of the city has also worsened the situation which may increase the epidemic outbreak.

Public services came to almost complete halt in Aden since early last August following an armed rebellion by the southern separation rebels known as the Southern Transitional Council (STC).

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