Houthis-Female cell arrested in Al-Jawf

Houthis-Female cell arrested in Al-Jawf

Alsahwa Net- The security forces in Al-Jawf, north Yemen reported on Saturday an arrest of a Houthis-affiliated female-member cell that has been accused of planting explosive devices.

Abdullah Al-Barber, Chief of the Special Security Forces of Al-Jawf governorate confirmed that the arrested women were sent by the Houthis militia to plant explosive devices and antipersonnel landmines in popular markets and civilian gathering sites in Al-Hazm city, capital of Al-Jawf.

The arrested women were caught possessing a number of explosive devices and ordnance, according to Al-Barber.

He indicated that the landmines pose a threat and a challenge to the security of Al-Jawf.

Large number of antipersonnel landmines and explosive devices that were planted randomly in Al-Jawf, have so far claimed hundreds of lives. Women and children have been majority of the victims.

Al-Barber said the security personnel find mines clearance a tough mission as the Houthis militants have used camouflaged methods of mines planting.

Yet, the security forces have managed to clear and defuse large number of explosive devices and landmines in popular souqs and roads.

Majority of the cleared landmines and explosive devices were domestically manufactured or modified.

This suggests that the Houthis militants learnt the landmines manufacturing and camouflaging methods from foreign military experts sent to Yemen by the Lebanese Hezbollah and Iran, according to Al-Barber.

“The Houthis learned sophisticated skills on how to kill the Yemeni people by the use of landmines and explosive devices,” said Al-Barber.

Saudi Arabia that intervened in March 2015 to reinstate the government and end the Houthis coup, launched in May 2018 a landmines clearance project known as MASAM.

The project has also contributed largely at clearing several areas of Al-Jawf from the landmines that enabled displaced households to return home, according to Al-Barber.

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