Detainee released, but suffering complete paralysis

Detainee released, but suffering complete paralysis

Alsahwa Net- A recently released detainee from the Houthis-run prison has been admitted to the hospital shortly after his release from the Houthis-run detention facility, Shohood Human Rights Organization said on Tuesday.

Abdurrahman Omar, a citizen from Manakha district of Sana’a governorate was released on Monday 30 September 2019 but suffering complete paralysis due to brutal torture by the Houthis militants while in detention, according to Shohood.

The case is just one of thousands of civilians who happened to be victims of arbitrary detention by the Houthis rebels. Such detainees often suffer brutal torture, ill treatment and sometimes murder in prisons.

Omar’s story reflect one side of torturing to paralysis in Houthis-illegal detention facilities.

A statement by the organization said that Omar was abducted on 14 July 2018 in the Souq of Manakha, on the Sana’a-Hodeida road by the Houthis gunmen, thrown into the jail of Al-Qadam Security Headquarters for two days, then was transferred to an unknown detention site.

It explained that two months later of his forcible disappearance, his family knew that he was being held captive in a Houthis-private detention center in Hizyaz, south the capital Sana’a.

“During his detention, Omar was exposed to various forms of physical and psychological torture,” Shohood said.

It indicated that Omar went into a coma on 7 September 2019, had a stroke and lost ability to move.

Following deterioration of his health, the Houthis governors of the illegal detention facility neither released him nor took him to the hospital.

Ten days later, the Houthis transferred him to the Central Prison in the capital Sana’a, but after he had paraplegia, according to Shohood.

Omar was released last Monday, but unable to move. He is in the hospital for treatment since his first hour of release.

“Shohood strongly deplores this crime and affirms that such acts by the Houthis represent serious and intentional violations to human rights conventions including protection of people against arbitrary disappearance,” said Shohood.  

It added that such crimes and systematic use of forcibly disappearance are war crimes and perpetrators must be held accountable and prosecuted to protect the society from consequences of such acts.  

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