Speechless, motionless, only his eyes move, Houthis release detainee

Speechless, motionless, only his eyes move, Houthis release detainee

At last Houthis released Abdullah al-Shanafi, one of thousands of young activists in the Shia militia's jails in Sana'a. But he does not speak or move any more. His eyes however move normally therefore his looks remain the only clue to understand what he wants to communicate if looks can ever tell his needs. What he has is a total paralysis, doctors in al-Haya'ah, the main hospital in the government-held Marib city told his relatives.

His wife who is beside him in the hospital bed caring for him is speechless too, al-Sahwa correspondent who reported the story said. "Just too exhausted and depressed to speak," he says, given that she has been stressing out for two years while her husband is being beaten day and night a Houthi intelligence-run jail in Sana'a.

Houthi gunmen stormed an hotel in Dhamar in November 2017 where he was working and living with his wife and five chidren and took him to jail. On a daily basis the Shia extremists beat him at the cell. The beating on his head caused him internal bleeding. The beating on his back damaged four discs in his spine. Now he is freed, but he is paralyzed with fecal incontinence and on diapers.  His wife has become a permanent caregiver who has to feed him and change his diapers.

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