Fine artist tortured to death by STC militants in Aden

Fine artist tortured to death by STC militants in Aden

Alsahwa Net- Mohammed Qayed Saleh Shater, 34 years old, a fine artist died shortly after his release from detention from separation militants-run prison in Aden, the victim’s brother, Noah Sahter, confirmed.

Shater was detained about three months ago at a security checkpoint run by the Southern Transitional Council (STC), pro-separation militants while on his way to Aden city, his brother said.

The victim is originally from Dhamar governorate. Following his arrest by the STC militants, he was forcibly disappeared for three months whereby he was exposed to various forms of brutal torture.

The victim’s body shows that he was shot in his belly, his all fingernails were removed and was electrocuted on his navel until damage.

He sustained advanced renal failure as a result of harsh torture he had in detention, according to his brother.

The victim passed away on Sunday at Dhamar Public Hospital few hours of his arrival to Dhamar when his both kidneys virtually stopped working.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) supported-STC militants have been exercising brutal intimidation and ill-treatment against pro-government officials and citizens particularly against people of the northern parts of the country since their seizure of Aden on 10 August 2019.


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