Houthis sell food aids in Ibb

Houthis sell food aids in Ibb

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis officials in Ibb have plundered humanitarian food aids and sold it to local markets, local sources in Ibb confirmed.

Citizens who spoke to the Alsahwa Net said that the Houthis officials force aid organizations to dispense food aids under supervision of the Houthis local affiliates.

This enabled the Houthis local affiliates to distribute the food aids solely to their family members or associates, according to the local sources.

Social media users circulated photos and videos documenting sales of food aids with seals of the UN World Food Program (WFP) shown on the food stuff in the central market of Ibb city.

Other sources said that the Houthis leaders who were given large portion of the food aids, have sold their share to the local markets of Ibb.

Few days ago, a Houthi security official in Ibb, looted cooking oil and other food aids that was set for distribution to citizens of Ibb.

Moreover, the Houthis officials destroyed few weeks ago large amounts of food aids that expired in stores as a result of disputes between the Houthis and administrators of the aid organizations on how to allocate the food aids.

This plundering and mismanagement of the food aids have exacerbated the already worst living standards to millions of households in Ibb.

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