Houthis replace female principals with their affiliates

Houthis replace female principals with their affiliates

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis rebels continue sectarian elimination of female principals of public schools and replace them with their affiliate Shiite dogmatists, parents and female students say.

This has been a major characteristic of the Houthis militants since their takeover of the capital Sana’a in September 2014.

The latest event of this sectarian-based elimination against school female principals is the change of Bilqis’ School Principal, Fayza Al-Sayyadi with a Houthi female affiliate, Amat Al-Karim Al-Mutwakel. The Houthis have also changed undersecretary of the same school with their female affiliate.

The rebels who follow the Shiite religion like Iran, sacked hundreds of public education officials across their controlled areas on sectarian basis.

The minister of education in the Houthi’s cabinet, Yahya Al-Houthi is the brother of the Houthis’ leader, Abdulmalik who lead the elimination by himself.   

This time, In Balqish School, which is the largest public school for female students in the capital Sana’a, saw intimidation and assault by the Houthis security women against the school girls when the latter protested change of their principal.

“We protested against the change of our principal, but the response was assault using electric batons. They even threatened to imprison us if we protested again,” one of the school girls spoke to Alsahwa Net.

These developments are taking place amid suspension of teachers’ monthly wages since four years ago.

“They did not stop at plundering our salaries and leaving us vulnerable to slow death, they have also imposed their own affiliates by force to brainwash the next generation,” said one of the female teachers.

In October 2017, Yahya Al-Houthi, the minister of education in the Houthis’ cabinet himself had verbally assaulted the female undersecretary of Bilqis School when she opposed the idea of paying public teachers only half-month salary every six-month.

He later suspended her from work.

In the same year, Houthis affiliated gunmen stormed Sukaina female public school in the capital Sana’a and assaulted the school girls and the female teachers.

“Several families have dropped their girls from the pubic schools in fear of sectarian education and brutal assault,” Abdullah Al-Shuga’a, a lawyer in Sana’a said.

Hakkim Al-Qubati, an academician in Sana’a confirmed that since their seizure of the rule in Sana’a, the Houthis militants have been leading systematic elimination of government servants and replacing them with their affiliates in various state offices and institutions. 

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