Houthis swap detained journalist for imprisoned fighters

Houthis swap detained journalist for imprisoned fighters

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis rebels released on Friday a local journalist in exchange of their fighters held prisoners by the government forces.

Ahmed Hawthan, a journalist who was detained one year ago in the capital Sana’a was set free within a swapping deal involved release of eight detained civilians for exchange of eight Houthis war prisoners who were held by the government’s forces, Yousuf Hazed, Chief of the Yemeni National Media Professionals Organization said.

Hazed said that dozens of Yemeni journalists remain in detention by the Houthis and some of them have been in captivity for around five years.

The United Nations said in February of this year that the Houthis detain civilians to swap them for releasing their fighters imprisoned by the government forces. 






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