Rights group counts 451 assassinations in Yemen

Rights group counts 451 assassinations in Yemen

Alsahwa Net- The Amsterdam-based Rights Radar Group which advocates for human rights protection in the Arab world said in a new report that it counted 451 assassinations in Yemen that took place between 1st September 2014 to the end of July 2019.

The number of civilians who died in such murder attacks reached 118 cases against 332 military and security personnel, the report said.

It said that 405 of the total murder victims were shot dead by anonymous militants using live ammunitions.  

Other 34 dead victims died in blasts by explosive devices that were planted on public roads or under the victim’s private vehicle, according to the report. The remaining eights victims were murdered by other methods of killing.

It noted that 146 people survived assassination attempts, but they sustained serious wounds.

Large number of these planned death took place in Aden city which came on the top of the list of Yemeni governates in terms of number of murder cases with 134 people were killed between September 2014 to July 2019.

The city of Taiz came the second with 113 murder cases, followed by Sana’a with 42 people.

The group said that data of the report was gathered by a workforce made of local monitors who work for civil society organizations and medical workers of public and private health facilities. 

It explained that the gathered data was filtered in line to credibility procedures. It indicated that victims of military attacks and personal-motivated criminal incidents were excluded from the report.  

It concluded with a set of recommendations to concerned stakeholders to work seriously to halt assassinations in Yemen.

It called on the Yemeni government to ensure that all security services must work under the ministry of interior to start pursuing perpetrators of all murder crimes.

It emphasized the need for international probe to investigate allegations of foreign mercenaries’ recruitment by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in Yemen to carry out murder operations in Aden. Perpetrators must be brought to justice in line to the International Humanitarian Law and the International Covenant of Human rights, the report said.

It demanded the Saudi-led coalition to publicly state its position towards murder crimes against Yemenis that took place in the Saudi-led coalition-held areas particularly in areas that are controlled by the UAE military or its local affiliated forces.

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