UN plans for new round of Yemen talks

UN plans for new round of Yemen talks

Alsahwa Net- Five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) plus Germany, Kuwait and Sweden expressed on Friday in a joint statement their support for new UN-led efforts to resume political talks among Yemen’s parties to end the ongoing five-year conflict.

The UN will establish a political advisory that will prepare for the new formal talks, according to the joint statement.

It indicated that the idea of setting up a political advisory is part of efforts which are led mainly by the UN Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths who planned informal consultations with Yemen’s political actors towards formation of the advisory board. 

It “calls the Yemeni parties to engage constructively with the Special Envoy to resume inclusive and comprehensive political discussions which can end the conflict,” the joint statement read.

However, the government of Yemen said several times that the UN must pressurize the Houthis to implement Stockholm agreement on Hodeida before going to new talks.

The Stockholm agreement which was signed last December has not been applied yet amidst calls by the UNSEC to parties in Yemen to work with the UN towards implementation of the agreement.

Moreover, the group deplored recent attacks by the Houthis rebels on the Saudi oil production facilities.

It says that “such attacks pose a serious national security threat to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and a wider threat to reginal security.”

It added that the Houthis’ announcement to suspend attacks against Saudi Arabia can form an initial step for de-escalation but demanded the Houthis to follow such offer with positive actions and the Saudi-led coalition for restraint.

It also called on parties to the conflict “to facilitate safe, rapid and unhindered humanitarian access in compliance with UN Security Council Resolution 2451. The Group calls on all parties to fulfil their obligations under international humanitarian law, including ensuring the protection of civilians.”

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