Unknown gunmen shot injured citizen in Hadhramaut

Unknown gunmen shot injured citizen in Hadhramaut

Alsahwa Net- Tareq Bin Al-Zawa’, a citizen in Hadhramaut survived on Wednesday a murder attempt by anonymous gunmen who shot him wounded in Al-Qatn district, local sources said.

Bin Al-Zawa’ was admitted to the Sayaun Public Hospital for treatment.

Bin Al-Zawa’ had worked previously as a bodyguard for Salah Ba Tais, a member of the Yemeni government’s Shoura Council and a leading member of the Islah Party in Hadhramaut. 

Ba Tais’s brother, Jameel was killed late last July by anonymous militants in Sayaun city.

The incident reminds of similar cases where Islah members, religious leaders and political figures were murdered between 2015 to 2018 in Aden and other southern governorates by foreign and local mercenaries work for the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a leading member of the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, according to an investigative report published on 16 October 2018 by the American Buzzfeed News.

Victims of the UAE assassination campaign in south Yemen were found to be mostly religious and political leaders who stood against the UAE attempts to separate south Yemen from the north, according to another report published by the Washington Post Newspaper on 28 August 2018.

Chief of the Islah party, Mohammed Al-Yadoumi said in a televised speech on 12 September on the 29th anniversary of the party’s establishment that his party pays a heavy price to its political positions that supports Yemen’s unity, state retrieval from the Houthis rebels and a democratic-based political system.

He indicated that large number of the party’s supporters and members were killed or arbitrarily arrested, and the party’s headquarters were set on fire throughout Yemen.



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