Yemen is now sandwiched between two extremist groups 2

Yemen is now sandwiched between two extremist groups 2

By Qasem Adel 
With the success of the coup in the country's far south and the takeover of separatists on August 30, Yemen has become sandwiched between two extremist groups. 
The Iran-backed Houthis in the north, and the separatists in the south. The Houthis are maximalist theocratic Jihadists, controlling the north and fighting the government since late 2014. 
The separatists are a mix of fascist southern tribesmen and Salafi militants. Both groups have a history of terrorist modus operandi from killing (peace oppositionists /government supporters) by lengthy torture to killing by slaughtering.
The rhetoric of both groups is maximalist one that does not recognize the right of the government and the mainstream majority of Yemenis to exist.
With the latest takeover of separatists in the south, the Yemeni government and mainstream Yemenis have become caught between two extremist organizations situated on both ends of the country.

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