Government: Houthis announcement to stop air attacks is lie

Government: Houthis announcement to stop air attacks is lie

Alsahwa Net- The government’s spokesman, Rajeh Badi said on Tuesday that the Houthis’ offer to stop attacks against Saudi territory is merely a lie.

The Houthis announced last Saturday that they will cease their missile and drone attacks against Saudi Arabia if the latter stopped bombing Yemen.

“It seems that some foreign powers or a UN body have advised the Houthis to declare this bubble to achieve some tactical purposes,” said Badi as quoted by the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat Daily Newspaper.

He explained that it is not the first time the Houthis declare such bubbles.

“Since its establishment, the Houthis’ movement always say something and do something different,” Badi said.

He indicated that upcoming days will burst the Houthis’ bubble and such offer will be added to the record of their lie.

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