6,000 landmines cleared in September

6,000 landmines cleared in September

Alsahwa Net- The Saudi-funded project MASAM, said on Sunday that it cleared 876 landmines and unexploded ordnance during the past week in various government-held areas.

These landmines and ordnance were planted or left by the Houthis militants when they attempted to expand their military presence in late 2014.

259 antitank landmines, 23 antipersonnel landmines, 20 explosive devices and 574 unexploded ordnance were removed during the past week by the MASAM teams, Osama Al-Qasibi, director of the project said.

He explained that total number of removed mines and explosive devices since early this month until 20 September reached around 6,000 objects including landmines and unexploded ordnance.

The MASAM project began landmines clearance in Yemen in late June 2018. The project has so far removed 90,637 objects that involve landmines, explosive devices and unexploded ordnance, according to Al-Qasibi.


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