Houthis abduct 300 civilians fled Aden rebellion

Houthis abduct 300 civilians fled Aden rebellion

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis rebels arbitrarily arrested 300 civilians who fled the new rebellion in Aden, the Geneva-based Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor (EMHM) said on Monday.

It indicated that the arrests took place at the Houthis-manned security checkpoints against people crossing from Aden to Sana'a.

According to data gathered by the EMHM, the number of detained civilians reached 300 people and most of them are being held captives in Dhamar and Taiz prisons.

Thousands of civilians fled Aden when the fighting intensified late last August between the government’s forces and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) supported- separation Southern Transitional Council (STC) militants.

The EMHM managed to confirm 3,163 people who fled from Aden.

These people who fled Aden are originally from the northern parts of Yemen and the STC rebellion in Aden drove 1,034 families to go homeless, according to the EMHM.

“The United Nation and the International community have not provided shelters or any basic items to allow them start a new life,” a report by the EMHM said.

Ihab Al-Shawafi, a Yemeni journalist is among the 300 detainees.

 Al-Shawfi left Aden in August and disappeared when he reached Al-Hawban area, east of Taiz, which is under the Houthis’ control, according to the EMHM.

“Al-Shawafi was arrested and taken to an unknown place by a security checkpoint affiliated with the Houthis,” the EMHM report read.

It indicated that kidnapping is taking place randomly and the Houthis officials demand a ransom of YR700,000 ($1,300) for one release of one individual.

The EMHM report quoted director of the Middle East and North Africa department of the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, Anas Al-Jerjawi, saying that the arrest of civilians without conviction violates international conventions.

The organization called on the Houthis to stop detention of civilians fleeing war in south Yemen, disclose detainees’ names and their locations and allow their families to visit them.

The USE-supported separation STC militants continue intimidations and security raids against pro-government citizens and officials and northern citizens in Aden, Abyan and Lahj. This forces hundreds of households to leave the city for safety and protection.

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