Local NGO documents 3,000 child soldiers

Local NGO documents 3,000 child soldiers

Alsahwa Net- Sam Organization for Rights and Liberties said on Sunday that its human rights defenders have documented more than 3,000 children who were military recruited during the ongoing fighting in Yemen.

It says that other 1.5 million children were forcibly displaced and live distant from childhood environment. 

This was voiced by the organization’s representative in Washington, Saif Al-Mothana in a symposium organized by the United States Congress on the ongoing human rights abuses and the humanitarian situation in Yemen.

Over than 8,000 children were killed or injured by the five-year war in Yemen, according to Al-Mothana.

Children who survive death or injury are at risk of malnutrition as 400, 000 children have been already reported suffering acute malnourishment. Severely malnourished children could die at any moment because they are more vulnerable to infectious diseases, Al-Mothana said.

He indicated that other seven million children in Yemen sleep starving every night and over two million children are out of schools.

He explained that schoolchildren in the Houthis-held areas are vulnerable to extremism education by the Shiite Houthis who use the public education to promote their ideology. 

In addition to the Houthis’ rebellion in late September 2014, Yemen witnessed early last August a new rebellion that was orchestrated and supported by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the government’s temporary capital Aden, according to Al-Mothana.

He explained that both the Houthis rebels in the north and the Saudi-led coalition supported separation rebels in south have failed the Yemenis’ dream for a state of a law that was planned in the National Dialogue Conference document by various Yemeni political forces early 2014.

He said that the Iran-backed Houthis rebels have sought hinderance of progress towards building of the Yemeni state.

This was exacerbated by the new rebellion in south Yemen supported by the Saudi-led coalition against the legitimate government that increased cases of extrajudicial execution, arbitrary arrests and secret detention centers by the UAE-supported militias, Al-Mothana said.

He demanded the US congress members to support peace in Yemen by suspending the US military support to the Saudi-led coalition, halt arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE and lift the embargo on Yemen.

He suggested that disarmament of militias, release of detainees and lifting embargo would constitute key passage to end the humanitarian and political crises in Yemen.

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