Government blames Houthis for interception of fuel ships

Government blames Houthis for interception of fuel ships

Alsahwa Net- The government has blamed on Sunday the Houthis rebels for seizure of fuel vessels in the Red Sea, off Hodeida port.

The government-Economic Committee that oversees licenses of commercial cargos heading into Yemen, says that fuel ships were banned from docking at Hodeida port because the Houthis rebels have forced business owners of the seized vessels to break the government-fuel import regulations.  

The state-run Saba News Agency quoted a statement by the Economic Committee that fuel vessels that were compliant to the government’s regulations were not intercepted.

The government’s introduced in September 2018 a new fuel import regulation that aimed at prevention of using the business revenues by the Houthis’ rebels for financing their fighting against the government forces.

The government then cited that keeping the business under its close monitoring was taken to stabilize value of the national currency.

Moreover, the economic committee said that the Houthis benefit from the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the country to market their rebellion that caused several present economic woes to Yemen.

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