March in Taiz protesting Houthis’ coup

March in Taiz protesting Houthis’ coup

Alsahwa Net- Hundreds of people in Taiz have rallied on Saturday in a protest against the Houthis’ coup that marked its fifth anniversary on the same day 21 September.

Participants in the rally have condemned Houthis’ crimes against civilians including murder, displacement and failure of public institutions.

The rally organizers have affirmed their support for the legitimate government-led efforts to retrieve the state and demanded the government to complete liberation of Taiz city from the Houthi rebels.

Participants of the rally have raised placards with mottos criticizing the Houthis’ rebellion and labelling 21 September “as day of setback to Yemen and the entire region”.

A statement by the rally said that calamities ruined Yemen and its people following the Houthis’ rebellion on 21 September 2014.

“The people have been suffering since the black day [21 September 2014] that witnessed revival of the old Imamates’ rule,” the statement said.

Yemen saw the demise of the monarchy Imamates’ rule in 1962 that marked the birth of a republican system.

“A new era of houses detonation, murder, terror and confiscation of liberties began [on 21 September 2014] by a sectarian group [the Houthis] who claim divine rights to rule,” the statement said.

It explained that the Houthis pose a threat to peace and stability in Yemen, nearby countries and the international maritime routes.

The statement has also deplored the new separation rebellion in Aden which took place on 10 August 2019 by support from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

It said that any military units that operate outside the government’s control pose a threat to Yemen’s peace and security, similar to the Houthis’ coup.

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