Islah supports demands by Hadhramout’s people

Islah supports demands by Hadhramout’s people

Alsahwa Net- The Islah party has declared on Saturday its support for demands by Hadhramaut’s people.

In a statement,  the Islah party the Islah party branch in Hadhramaut on Saturday expressed its support for legal demands of people in Hadhramaut.

“It is the citizens’ rights to keep escalation in case their demands were not met by the government,” the statement read.

It explained that repeated public electricity outage and suspension of monthly payments to troops of the Hadhramaut’s Elite Forces have exacerbated sufferings of the people.

It called on all member of the local authority and political organizations to be united behind legal demands and to decide their own political status in a way that meets citizens’ aspirations and secure next generations’ future.

“We, the Islah of Hadhramaut, will only be siding with our people towards their legal and fair demands.


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