Houthis continue breaching Hodeida ceasefire

Houthis continue breaching Hodeida ceasefire

Alsahwa Net- The Iran-backed Houthi militants continue breaching of the United Nations humanitarian pause in Hodeida, west Yemen, through military escalation against the government’s joint forces.

The army’s mouthpiece, 26 September Net news website, said that the Houthi rebels have renewed on Tuesday shelling at sites of the government’s forces in various parts of Hodeida using heavy, medium and light weapons.

The militants have shelled the government’s forces stationed in 7 July Street, west Hodeida city, using mortar-shells and machineguns.

And in south of  Hodeida city, the Houthis bombed the government’s forces using artillery, mortar-shells and snipers.

The government’s forces attempted to capture Hodeida from the Houthis rebels in mid-2018. However, the UN managed to get both parties to the conflict to sign a peace agreement on Hodeida in December 2018 in Sweden.

Yet, the UN-sponsored agreement which is also known as Stockholm agreement has not been implemented yet amid procrastination by the Houthis and daily military attacks against the government’s forces posts.

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