Houthi gunman attempts to kill father

Houthi gunman attempts to kill father

Alsahwa Net- A Houthi-affiliated militant attempted to kill his 64-year old father for suspicion of loyalty to the legitimate government.

Local sources in Dhamar governorate, 100 km south the capital Sana’a, confirmed the incident.

Jameel Yahya Habshi, 21-year old fired dozens of bullets in an attempt to kill his elderly father in Habshi village of Maghrib Ans district.

The gunman contacted the Houthi official in the district and requested him to arrest his father and his two brothers as he suspects their loyalty to the legitimate government.

For his part, the Houthi official in the district sent a group of militants on a military vehicle who stormed the house, arrested the elderly father and two of his children and transferred them to Dhaba Prison in the district. 

Local community leaders attempted to resolve the issue for release of the old man and his two sons.

However, the Houthi official and the Houthi affiliated son provided that the father and his two sons must write a statement of disloyalty to the government and the “aggression” according to their narrative.

The Houthi rebels who seized the capital Sana’a in late September 2014, have been carrying out daily intimidation against anyone suspected of being pro-government and criticizing the Houthis’ rule. 



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