Official of Islah meets French diplomat

Official of Islah meets French diplomat

Alsahwa Net- The deputy chief of Islah’s media department, Adnan Al-Odaini, met on Monday ambassador of France to Yemen, Christian Tisto.

Al-Odaini and Tisto dicussed Yemen’s key developments and the role of France towards peace in Yemen and French support to the government of Yemen’s efforts to retrieve the state in Yemen.

Al-Odaini affirmed that the Islah supports peace achievement in Yemen in line to the three agreed references on Yemen. The three references include the GCC power transfer plan, the National Dialogue Conference (NDC) document, and the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions on Yemen.

He indicated that chaos and stateless in Yemen have bad implications on Yemen’s neighbors and the world.

He also explained the Islah’s position towards rebellion in some southern governorates. He affirmed that the Islah rejects any illegal military units outside the government’s control and the Yemen’s Defense Ministry.

He said that the government of Yemen needs the international community’s support to maintain security and stability in areas that were liberated from the Houthi rebels.

He added that human rights abuses that have been committed by the separation rebels in Aden are not different from those committed by the Houthi militants in Sana’a.

For his part, Tisto affirmed his country’s support to peace in Yemen to ensure security and stability of Yemen and the region.

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