Houthi rape of women prisoners; a silent agony avoiding stigma

Houthi rape of women prisoners; a silent agony avoiding stigma

 When Houthis killed the defector strongman Ai Abdullah Saleh in December 2017, the atmosphere in Sana'a was so shocking but extreme fear was dominating that no one would dare to say a word.

Not dare to speak up, Saleh's staunch supporters allowed only their women relatives to start protests against the Houthis, thinking the militia would not assault or arrest them in line with the inviolable tribal tradition sin Yemen codes that given women a powerful immunity and respect.

During those protests alone hundreds of women were in rounded up to jails, nevertheless.

In their capacity as "holy warriors" Houthi militiamen have been indulging themselves to the right of rape of those prisoners  as a reward they claim to be allowed by God, according to their extremist interpretation of Islam.

This is the most sensitive and stigmatizing an issue can be in Yemen- the issues that have to do with honor. Families of the jailed are not open to the press about their ordeal and the Yemeni press community are aware of that and so don't cast much light on it.

And since no foreign reporters will take interest in the issue, gather information, translate to English and write about it, these abuses are and probably will continue to be, largely ignored

There are important testimonies from women victims in this Arabic link: https://alameenpress.info/news/14476

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