Public services halt in Lahj and Aden

Public services halt in Lahj and Aden

Alsahwa Net- The separation rebellion in Lahj and Aden brought public services to nearly a complete standstill, local sources confirmed.

The public electricity supply has already stopped in Lahj and the service outage is likely to extend to Aden.

The daily power outage in the city of Aden has gone up to 12 hours per day compared to only less than three hours a day prior seizure of the city by separation rebels supported by the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Residents who talked to Alsawha Net have confirmed that all state services have suspended in most districts of Aden.

The governor of Aden and his deputies have also stopped going to their offices amidst continuous security raids by the separation rebels against pro-government officials.

The situation has also caused shortage of water access in several quarters of the city, the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat Daily Newspaper quoted local residents.

Officials of the Public Electricity Corporation headquarters in Aden said that power stations are running out of fuel.

The government blamed the separation Southern Transitional Council (STC) rebellion for the suspension of public services in Lahj and Aden.

A government official quoted by Asharq Al-Awsat said that the rebels’ intervention in the work of the government services have resulted into this deterioration.

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