Saudi Arabia to firmly deal with rebellion in Aden

Saudi Arabia to firmly deal with rebellion in Aden

Alsahwa Net- The government of Saudi Arabia threatened to take strict actions against attempts to destabilize Yemen and diversion of the Saudi intervention, Al-Riyadh Newspaper, an influential state-run daily newspaper said on Saturday.

Began early 2015, the Saudi-led coalition then declared its military campaign in Yemen was established for ending the Iran-backed Houthis’ rebellion and reinstating the internationally recognized government.

This coincides with ongoing Saudi diplomatic efforts to end a new separation rebellion in south Yemen which is supported by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), surprisingly a member of the Saudi-led coalition to restore the government and security of Yemen.

The Saudi paper indicated in an editorial published on Saturday’s edition that rebellion in Aden by the UAE-supported separation rebels has diverted the goal of the Saudi military campaign in Yemen and benefited only the Houthi rebels.

It hailed the Saudi statement that was released last Thursday which reaffirmed Saudi support for Yemen’s security and unity under the internationally recognized government to topple the Houthis’ coup.

However, it indicated that rebellion in Aden has to be resolved only through dialogue and not by military means.

It reaffirmed that Saudi support for the legitimate government of Yemen cannot be diverted as the declared goal of the Saudi-led coalition was obvious and any diversion will be firmly halted.

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