International experts: Houthis committed war crimes

International experts: Houthis committed war crimes

Alsahwa Net-The United Nations (UN) Panel of Experts on Yemen have sent mid this week their final report to the UN, international news outlets reported this week.

The report which has not been made publicly yet is said to include a list of 160 individuals and entities who committed war crimes between March 2015 to June 2019 in Yemen.

The new thing in the leaked information from the report is the list that reported to include military officers and politicians who could be charged of war crimes.

  Yet, extracts from the report which were published by the Britain-based Guardian Newspaper and the American New York Times this week, suggest that the new report renewed previous statements that were indicated in the old report by the panel that the Houthis committed war crimes thorough indiscriminate shelling against civilian areas, killing of civilians on roads and streets by snipers and military recruitment of children.

Yet, this time it clearly indicated that the Houthis militants violated the international humanitarian law by using antipersonnel and antivehicle landmines in sites and areas that are regularly visited or crossed by civilians. 

Moreover, the report indicated that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) affiliated local forces that operate outside the government’s control continue acts of arbitrary detention and intimidation against individuals who publicly criticize their acts in Aden and other parts of south Yemen.

It added that victims of the UAE affiliated militias in south Yemen included political activists, journalists, human rights defenders and religious leaders.

The UN Panel of Experts on Yemen was established in 2014 to assist the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to gather information on individuals and entities who threaten Yemen’s security and stability.

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