NGO: Houthis cooperate with terror groups

NGO: Houthis cooperate with terror groups

Alsahwa Net- A local non-governmental organization submitted a report on Tuesday to the United Nations Panel of experts on Yemen on Houthis’ close relation with terror groups, according to Mohamed Al-Omda, chief of the Yemeni Network for Rights and Freedoms.

Part of the report details involvement of relief organizations in funding Houthis’ military operations against the Yemeni people, Al-Omda said

He explained that the report submitted by his organization to the UN Panel of Experts on Yemen is annexed with documents.

The report includes criminal profiles of people involved in Houthis’ crimes against the Yemeni people and other documents that prove close relation between the Houthis and terror organizations.

Parts of the report reveals corruption among relief organizations in Yemen, according to Al-Omda.

He said that an international aid organization paid on 2 November 2017 $14million to the Houthis leaders who run the Yemen’s Ministry of Education.

 This organization knows that this money finances Houthis’ landmines plantation in Yemen’s territory and on the Saudi border. 

The report indicated that the UN handed on 29 May 2019 the Houthis officials 20 four-wheel drive vehicles through the Yemen’s Mines Clearance Center.

Al-Omda said that the UN World Food Program in Yemen signed recently with the Houthis an agreement that the program changes its food aid-projects into cash-assistance transfer.

Al-Omda said that his report included documented cases of Houthis’ leaders being recruited at the UN agencies in Sana’a and these leaders control lists of aid beneficiaries.

Al-Omda demanded the UN to disclose the billions it received by the name of the Yemeni people and to publicly outline how this money was used and how it was disbursed.

He also demanded transparent investigations into human rights abuses and to bring all perpetrators to justice. 


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