Yemeni diaspora protests UAE bombing against government forces

Yemeni diaspora protests UAE bombing against government forces

Alsahwa Net-The Yemeni diaspora in Europe, north America and Asia protested this week against the United Arab Emirates (UAE) bombing against the government forces.

The UAE bombed government troops late last August and killed and injured over than 300 people, according to the Yemeni government officials.

The government said that the UAE airstrikes against its forces is a “flagrant aggression” and called on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to hold emergency session to stop further UAE attacks against Yemen’s armed forces.

Yet, the UAE bombing against the government forces created larger public anger among Yemenis at home and abroad.

In Berlin of Germany, dozens of Yemenis gathered in front of the UAE Embassy in a protest against the UAE bombing.

The protesters raised placards with short phrases in Germany, English and Yemeni Arabic condemning the UAE acts in Yemen.

They demanded the UAE to stop supporting and supplying weapons and money to the separation militants in Aden who kill citizens because of their northern origin or because of their support to the government.

And in the United States of America (USA), the Yemeni community organized a sit-in in Washington DC protesting the UAE airstrikes against the government forces.

Protesters chanted against the UAE bombing and denounced killing of the Yemenis using allegations of terrorism.

In the USA also, the Yemeni community organized another sit-in in Michigan State that condemned the UAE acts in Yemen and demanded ceasing of Emirati support to militants who threaten Yemen’s security.

They also demanded that the UAE be expelled from the Saudi-led coalition. They chanted mottos in support for the military efforts to impose the state of rule in Aden and liberate Sana’a from the Iran-backed Houthi rebels.

Hundreds of the Yemeni community have held a sit-in in Istanbul in Turkey to condemn the UAE crimes in Yemen. The protesters raised flags of Yemen and placards that contained anti-UAE sabotaging acts in Yemen.

The Yemeni community in Pakistan has also organized a sit-in in a protest against the UAE bombing in Yemen.

In the same respect, the protesters chanted mottos against the UAE attacks and its attempts to divide Yemen and demanded that the government of Yemen and Saudi Arabia take strict actions against the UAE.

Yemeni activists abroad said that sit-ins and protests by the Yemeni diaspora will continue worldwide to stop separation attempts and cease support for militias that operate outside the government’s control. 

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