Defense Minister: army will secure liberated areas

Defense Minister: army will secure liberated areas

Alsahwa Net- The Minister of Defense, Mohammed Al-Magdashi said on Tuesday that the military will do its constitutional duty towards securing liberated areas to thwart mutiny schemes.

Al-Magdashi pronounced this during a meeting with military and security leaders attended by Deputy Secretary of Interior Ministry for Security Affairs, Ahmed Al-Mosawi.

The military and security officials discussed security developments and ways to enhance exchange of information between the military and security services, the state-run Saba News Agency reported.

Al-Magdashi affirmed importance of coordination and cooperation between the military and security services to strengthen security in liberated governorates.

Yemen territory remains divided between the prog-government forces-held areas and the Houthi-rebels-held areas since early 2015.

Al-Magdashi indicated that strengthening security in liberated areas will normalize the situation and support the state offices to operate normally.

This coincides with ongoing separation rebellion across south Yemen which is led by local militants who receive direct support from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The military attempts to foil armed rebellion in the south was obstructed by UAE airstrikes against the government troops in Aden and Abyan late last month.

Yet, the defense minister said that mutiny in the south slows the military advancement against the Houthis rebels who control the dense-populated northern part of the country.

He instructed the military forces to secure public roads and key government facilities and pursue security wanted men and bring them to justice.

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