Political parties support government against UAE bombing

Political parties support government against UAE bombing


Alsahwa Net- Ten major political parties have declared full support for the government’s actions against the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) airstrikes that targeted the army in Aden and Abyan.

The parties issued a joint statement that valued the Saudi efforts in support to the legitimate government and its work towards end of the armed rebellion in some southern governorates.

They appreciated the statement issued on 10 August 2019 by the Saudi-led coalition that affirmed withdrawal of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) militias from military camps and state offices they occupied on the same day in Aden.

Yet, the parties called on implementation of the withdrawal and that any disputes should be resolved by dialogue under the legitimate government.

The parties have also expressed their rejection of imposing any political agendas by the use of force.

They also appreciated pro-unity positions taken by the Arab League, the United Nations Security Council and other foreign and Arab governments.

They affirmed importance of unity among all political forces under the legitimate government against the Houthis’ coup to restore the Yemeni state.


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