Islah spokesman: Saudi Okaz Newspaper falsifies facts

Islah spokesman: Saudi Okaz Newspaper falsifies facts

Alsahwa Net- The Chief of Islah’s Party’s  media department, Ali Al-Jaradi has refuted allegations raised by the Saudi Okaz Arabic  Newspaper that the Islah Party controls the Saudi-led battle against the Houthis rebels.

“Such narratives are merely falsification of facts. The national army is commanded by President Hadi as a head of the Yemeni state,” Al-Jaradi wrote on his Twitter account on Tuesday.

Okaz Newspaper published on Tuesday an opinion article that accused the Islah party of obstructing the fighting against the Houthis and having no participation in the battle against the Houthi rebels.

Al-Jaradi has condemned the Okaz’s article that criticized the recent move by the government’s forces towards ending the separatists’ rebellion in Aden.

“It is the president who orders the army, but the Okaz’ message suggests that the president cannot order the army unless he obtains a permission from Okaz’s writers,” Al-Jaradi said.

 Okaz’s article on the paper’s webpage humiliated the Islah party leaders and commended the pro-separation fighters who have been leading an armed rebellion across south Yemen by direct military support from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) since 10 August against the government forces. 

“It seems that Okaz  declares failure of the Saudi-led coalition and attempts to find a scapegoat,” said Al-Jaradi.

“It is the Saudi-led Coalition, the President of Yemen, the government of Yemen and Yemen’s Defense Ministry who to be blamed for managing the battle,” Al-Jaradi said.

He concluded that sympathizing with the separatists’ rebellion sends a message as if Saudi Arabia accepts a new rebellion that does not recognize legitimacy of the government that legitimized the Saudi intervention to end the old coup.

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