Yemen news in brief

Yemen news in brief


-      Using death threats, Houthis are forcing every household in Saydam villages of Yemen's central Ibb province to assign a male member to join the warfronts.


-      One thousand of 3163 Yemenis displaced out of Aden by southern separatists on August 29 have been intercepted on their way back to the north and rounded up to notorious Houthi jails. Most of them are from Taiz. News websites drew these figures from a report by the Yemeni-American Human Rights Observatory.


-      Clashes today ended in repelling an attack by separatists on Azan district in Shabwah.


-      Yemeni currency continues to deteriorate as a result of the crisis. YR 594 versus one USD.


-      As part of the continuous internal rift within Houthi ranks , Ahmed al-Ashamli a tribal figure was killed in Sana'a on Sunday in the latest of serial assassinations.


-      In defiance to the UN Security Council's resolutions on Yemen, Iran approves Ibrahim al-Daylami as Houthi's self-proclaimed "ambassador of Yemen" to Tehran.


-      Yemen's Religious Scholars Authority called for end of separatists control of Aden, Saudi intervention against separatist coup, and restoration of government and public services on all parts of Yemen.


-      STC separatists assassinated Abdulbari Aradfani, a mosque preacher, in Sheikh Othman neighborhood in Aden on Sunday.


-      Separatist Southern Transitional Council will be held to account for hate murders, says information minister.

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