Female human rights defender vows to sue UAE to ICC

Female human rights defender vows to sue UAE to ICC

Alsahwa Net- Afrah Al-Akhali, chief of the Yemeni-American Human Rights Watch vowed on Sunday to sue the United Arab Emirates (UAE) officials to the International Criminal Court (ICC) over documented murder cases, torture cases and Yemen antique looting.

This coincides with continued gruesome human rights abuses by the Emirati-supported STC separation rebels across south Yemen.

Al-Akhali called on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to issue a resolution labeling the STS militia as a terror group that threatens local and international peace.

Al-Akhali’s organization published on the same day a long-report featuring one-month of gristly human rights abuses carried out across south Yemen under full supervision of Emirati military and security officers in Aden.

She held the UAE full accountability to the ongoing systematic abuses against citizens by the STC militias across south Yemen.


The Yemeni-American Human Rights Watch is a Washington-based organization that advocates for human rights protection and rule of law in Yemen.

The organization reported that the Emirati-supported Southern Transitional Council (STC) rebels committed so far nearly 7,000 abuses against pro-government citizens in Aden, Abyan and Shabwa in one-month period.

Reported abuses took place throughout August that saw open-armed rebellion by the STC against the government in Aden, Abyan and Shabwa since early last August.

The reported human rights violations included 289 murder cases against civilians and military personnel.

Number of murdered civilians reached 48 people among them six women and eight children who were killed by the rebels during security raids, executed in the UAE-run prisons or murdered on streets by masked snipers, according to the report.

132 military injured personnel were executed in medical clinics in Aden under supervision of Emirati security officers led by the Emirati colonel, Saeed Mohamed Khamis, the report said.  

The report documented also murder of 109 government military prisoners in Aden.

The report said that the STC rebels used four cemeteries in Aden to entomb dead bodies of the victims in an attempt to cover their acts.

The larger number of murder cases occurred in Aden, followed by Abyan and Shabwa.

The report documented also brutal torture and mistreatment of detainees in the UAE-run prisons.

The STC militants have also arbitrarily arrested 583 citizens, majority of them are originally from Shabwa, Abyan and northern governorates among them the Yemen National Television reporter in Shabw, the report said.

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